Brake temperatures

Brake temps and implications for the A330 (degrees C and carbon brakes).

300 – do not take off as hydraulic fluid may ignite in the wheel well when gear retracted.

450 – may get smoke from the brake from any fluid contamination (not necessarily a fire)

550 - need brake cooling to prevent acidification of hydraulic fluid

600 - may have a fire, seek outside aircraft confirmation (tower – other a/c… ;)

800 – fuse plugs go and the tires deflate

900 – time for a new set of wheels, brakes and tires

1000 - sign off and go home, quickly. Don't look back as you leave the 
            aircraft or you may see this


Boeing displays the 747-400 brake temp data (and more) on the Lower EICAS "synoptic" CRT screen. The [less familiar] maintenance display is shown below (thanks QAVION & IanR)


Last updated:  27 October 2005