Airline fare classes and codes   
F first   C business    Y economy  

Airline fare classes are commonly indicated by letter codes, but the exact hierarchy and terms of these booking codes vary greatly from carrier to carrier.

First class codes  
F, A, P, R

On USA domestic flights, F commonly indicates first class on a two-cabin plane. If a three-cabin aircraft is used, P (for "premium") may be used to distinguish the higher level of service in first class. The R code indicated supersonic transport and was no longer used after the retirement of the Concorde, however with the introduction of the new Airbus A380, Singapore Airlines and Qantas have re-introduced the R class to distinguish a higher class than regular First Class. The A and P codes may indicate a first class ticket whose fare is reduced due to restrictions on refunds, advance reservation requirements, or other terms. The codes in short:  
    * F = Full-Fare First Class
    * P = First Class (some airlines use this code for Business class. Jet Airways of India, for instance).
    * A = First Class Discounted
    * R = First Class Suites (currently only Airbus A380, and formerly Supersonic Concorde),

Business class codes  
C, J, D, I, Z

On many airlines, C or J indicate full fare business class, whereas discounted and thus restricted and typically non-upgradeable fares are represented by D, I or Z. The codes in short:
    * C, J = Full-fare Business Class,
   * D, I, Z = Business Class Discounted,

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Economy class codes 
    * Full fare: S, B, T
    * Standard fare: M, H
    * Special or discount fares: G, K, L, N, O, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X

On most airlines, unrestricted economy ticket is booked as a Y fare. Full fare tickets with restrictions on travel dates, refunds, or advance reservations are commonly classed as B, H, or M, although some airlines may use H, V, or others. Heavily discounted fares, commonly O, T or X, will not permit cabin upgrades, refunds, or reservation changes, may restrict frequent flyer program eligibility, and/or impose other restrictions. Other fare codes such as X are restricted for use by consolidators, group charters, or travel industry professionals. However on some airlines W or X is used for frequent flier program award redemptions. Virgin Blue (Australia) use the R class for their Blue Saver restricted economy.

Airlines that offer premium economy cabins have also specified certain codes for fares in the upgraded economy cabin, which are usually S (which in this case often stands for 'Supercomfort'), W, or E. 

Premium economy codes 
E, H, K, O, U, W, T

Most low-cost carriers have greatly simplified the fare classes they use to a handful of cases, unlike the dozens employed by a traditional airline. While some traditional carriers have followed, others continue to utilize price discrimination over commoditization.  

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Last updated 12 September 2012