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    What makes for a high quality thesis as compared to a marginal quality thesis: an extract from a UWA course on studying for a Masters/PhD. Handy for students (and examiners).

    Here are some useful tools for testing arguments and detecting fallacious or fraudulent arguments.

    No bad cars any more? Rubbish, I found plenty, says Jeremy Clarkson. No bad restaurants? Rubbish says AA Gill in this side-splitting review. Drunk too much at the bad restaurant to drive the bad car? Download this spreadsheet and calculate your BAC (hint: if you can't get it working, then sleep for another 8 hours and try again). 

    Update on all the Perth (Australia) 5 star hotels in October 2013.  There are some new ones there (at last). And to keep a balance, an amusing lament about the UK institution of bed and breakfast

    France holiday ideas, but before you get too carried away, read a French Tragedy about buying property in France. Then go to  to see a few hundred properties, after checking the climate of the region you want to live in. Or just pop over by ferry (Portsmouth to St Malo) and cycle for a couple of days. And while some people love Paris, others think you should avoid Paris in the process. Otherwise, go explore the newer countries of the EU.  And if you are thinking about Greece (or anywhere actually) here is a clever solicitor outlining the issues to address in A Place in the Sun

Long distance walking trails of Australia

Simple PowerPoint presentation hints, and then a very good set of rules in Word for preparing your Powerpoint presentation from the nice Dutch guys at CROW (I think later versions of Windows and PowerPoint can now be used).

    Western Australia - Local Council (government or shire) car registration prefixes. Check where the cars are from as you drive in WA, particularly if you are bored trundling around at the archaic speeds they enforce. But if you want an eco-friendly way of travelling, make some bio-diesel at home, and use that to fuel your diesel powered car. Check the distances from Perth before you leave.

    For those who already have children past this age, this is hilarious. For those who have children at this age, this is not funny. For those who have children nearing this age, this is a warning. For those who have not yet had children, this is a form of birth control! children

    And as those children grow up and want to get married, Scott Pape (aka The Barefoot Investor) gives his words of wisdom about the cost of weddings and how he would cut those costs because Wedding bells ring up costs. He treads too lightly though on the bit where he tries to tell his bride-to-be that he is going to apply economic rationalisation rather than television fairy tales in Four Weddings.

Some miscellaneous articles from around the world:

Scariest flight

Flying full circle 

Warren Buffett's long term secret of success

Psychological investigation into happiness

Socrates Triple Filter test

Ruth Onslow's Tooth fairy    

Ruth Onslow (again :) As it is 
Ruth writes for the Weekend Australian every week.

And finally a highly entertaining tale of flying Boeing 737s in the South Pacific islands: A Tale of Air Nauru.

The author is John Laming, and this is posted here with his permission. I was lucky enough to receive John's full book "Tall Tails of The South Pacific" for Christmas. It is available on 

and on their website, it was reviewed by Macarthur Job, AOM, who had this to say: This highly readable anthology by John Laming reflects his colourful life experiences from schoolboy years in England during WW2, to those of a senior airline pilot, operating Boeing 737's throughout the islands of the Pacific Ocean. Laming's name is well known to Australian readers (and indeed to some overseas) as the author of numerous entertaining and instructive aviation magazines articles. Within the aviation industry itself, he is also known today as a simulator instructor par excellence, with a wealth of experience as an international jet pilot, and as a former RAAF pilot and flying instructor on heavy aircraft. He is a fount of that good old-fashioned flying wisdom which, in less politically correct times, was universally known as "airmanship".....

Click this button to go to the book on the Lulu site: