Forensic Engineering & Expert Consulting

Providing independent Expert services  for forensic engineering and dispute resolution in the fields of design, construction, and maintenance of roads and airports. Based in Australia, and serving projects in Australia , Asia, Middle East and Africa .

Specialising in complex forensic investigations into pavements and materials. 

Serving road and airport authorities, contractors, oil industry, suppliers, legal, and government.

What happens when things go wrong?  Poor performance or even failures of roads and airports can be substantial requiring major repairs or reconstruction, and with serious risks for aircraft and vehicle operation. Rutting, premature cracking, stripping, slab movement, potholing or loss of shape can occur from multiple inter-related factors and can be difficult to pin-point the reasons and repair strategy. At such critical times, my skilful forensic engineering services uncover the circumstances leading to the problems. I identify the immediate and root cause of failure. My investigations typically focus on design, construction, quality control, loading, moisture regime, and the pavement's condition and maintenance history. I analyse the consequences and costs of failures, and advise on repair or rehabilitation decisions. I am familiar with ICAO, MOS, CAP, and FAA requirements; with Austroads, TRH, TMH, TRL, and AASHTO guidelines; and AS/NZS, BS, ASTM standards. 

My diverse engineering expertise and familiarity with arbitration, expert determinations, and litigation, enables me to clarify the complex technical issues involved. My experience ranges from highly visible to totally confidential assignments, and is characterised by relevant expertise, holistic viewpoint, cultural sensitivity, and timely response.

Professional and Academic Credentials in Civil Engineering and Business. My c.v is here and my list of publications.

Registered Chartered Engineer in Australia and Professional Engineer in South Africa.